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12th University Training Course Fluidization Technology

The Institute of Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology (SPE) headed by Prof. Heinrich offers on a regular basis training courses for external participants from industry and academia. Following the very successful courses held every year since 2009 we again offer a training course on Fluidization Technology and its Application in Drying, Coating, Granulation and Agglomeration. The 2021 course will take place between 8th and 11th of November 2021. Participants are invited to join us in Hamburg but also an online participation is possible. The course language will be English. 

The course is designed for people from various backgrounds (engineers, chemists, food and pharmaceutical technologists) and with different levels of experience, who need to understand the fundamentals of applications of modern and efficient fluidized bed processes.

In the course we focus on the drying as well as on the spray granulation, coating and agglomeration in fluidized beds. The particle formulation processes play an important role in the manufacturing of powder granules from liquid educts in the food, fine chemicals, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries as dust-free and free-flowing particles with improved particle properties, like a defined particle size distribution, porosity or desired mechanical strength, can be produced in a process with intensive heat and mass transfer conditions and good solids mixing.

The course highlights the fundamentals and applications of various types and different scales of fluidized bed processes for drying, coating, granulation and agglomeration of particles with practical hints and extensive calculation examples. The focus is on fluid mechanics, mixing, heat and mass transfer and particle formulation mechanisms. Furthermore, actual applications as well as modern computational tools and measuring techniques are presented.

The knowledge transfer is supported by different experts from industry, who will present procedures and approaches used in plant construction and optimization, in operation of processes for chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry as well as novel measuring techniques. The hands-on trainings, demonstrations and tutorials offered during practical sessions will strengthen the learning experience.

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