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Tailor-made particle production, particle analysis, process simulation and optimization

Welcome to the Solidstec GmbH

Particle formulation

One major part of our work is the processing and production of tailor-made powders and particles for chemical, food or pharmaceutical  industry in fluidized and spouted beds and in spray dryers. Depending on the process conditions in the different apparatuses, the coating layer height and the particle morphology can be influenced resulting in specific product properties, as e.g. a defined porosity or flowabilty. We are able to use suspensions, solutions or melts as liquid phase during fluidized bed spray granulation and coating.

Particle characterization

The products from particle processing apparatuses are characterized in detail. We measure the basic product properties of your products, e.g. size and size distribution, moisture content, flowability and mechanical strength. In addition, we are able to determine the granule morphology and inner structure by different microscopic methods. Besides different experimental setups for off-line measurements, we have different in-line methods available to capture those values during processing.


Nowadays, numerical investigations are a powerful tool to get a deeper access to process properties. We offer a multiscale simulation approach to obtain a thorough process understanding. On the lowest hierarchical level we use the Discrete Element Method (DEM) with the Bonded Particle Model (BPM) to consider the material microproperties. On the microscale the DEM tool is coupled with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to investigate particle dynamics in a fluid field. On macroscale we use Population Balance Models (PBM), which can be integrated into a flowsheet simulation tool.

Process optimization

Evaluation of the scale-up potential, energy consumption or measurement and optimization of the particles' residence time in continuously operated apparatuses - we are your experts for those measurements and calculations.  By changing the geometry of the process chamber, the flow pattern in gas-solid processes can be influenced. In some cases, internals as e.g. draft plates result in an increased process stability or have the potential to obtain a more homogeneous residence time and thus product quality.

We are working in the entire field of particle technology and solids process engineering and will help you with our experimental and numerical methods to find solutions for your solid challenges.